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10 Immune Boosting Supplements


Vitamin B: essential for a wide spectrum of immune functions


Vitamin C: increases immune cell activity, and may help shorten the common cold duration.


Vitamin D: is vital to vibrant health and strong immunity


Vitamin E: over all immune enhancement


Zinc: supports T cell development, beneficial in numerous infectious diseases.


Probiotics: increase antibody production


Fish Oil: reduces inflamation in the body


Echinacea: Helpful in respiratory tract infections


Astragalus: supports overall immune function.


Reishi Mushroom: Numerous effects on many immune cells, benefits over all health.



Write your way to wonderful well-being

gratitude journal

“Journaling is a tool for empowerment, growth, and life balance.  Its a daily routine that could change your life” Janet Nicol.  Every morning I set aside 10 minutes to reflect on my day, my to do list ( no longer than 3 steps), and express gratitude to the things I am thankful for today. It clears my head, keeps me balanced, and gives me clarity.  Namaste



Top 5 Detox tips


1) Start with Hot Lemon and Water: a great way to kick start your day.


2) Eliminate Wheat, Dairy and Sugar these are all quite toxic and acidic to the system.


3) Swap one of your meals for a Green Smoothie..this is will help boost your immunity, energy, burn fat, and get your skin glowing.


4) Drink 1 glass of Aloe Vera every day it contains a multitude of vitamins including A, C, E, folic acid, B1, B2, B3, B6 and is one of the few plants that contains vitamin B12, which helps with brain and nervous system function and also mineral-rich, containing calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, selenium, sodium, iron, and potassium, as well as being packed with amino and fatty acids ..need I say more.


5) Body brushing is an effective, and affordable way to get rid of built up toxins, combat cellulite boost circulation and smooth out flaky skin.





Passion Power

smoothie-purple This is packed with powerful anti-oxidants and beautifying properties: Blend: Handful of bluberries . Handful of raspberries. 1/2 Chopped Mango. 2 Carrots. 1/2 Cup of Pinapple.1 TBS of Coconut Oil. 2TBS of Greek Yogurt. Enjoy


Cashew Cuisine

broccoli stir friy

This is delicous and definitely an easy way to impress your loved ones.

Serves 2


You will need:


Broccoli, Cashews, Ready Made 7 Grain or Brown Rice, 1 egg, Mushrooms, Hot Chili Sauce, Chopped Garlic, Mirin, Light Soya Sauce, boullian vegetable stock.


Chop the mushrooms and Broccoli.


In a pan Heat 1 Tbs of Olive Oil, 2 Tsp Chopped Garlic and cook the mushrooms until slightly golden brown.


Add Swiss Vegetable Bouillon too boling water than the broccoli until slightly soft.


Check the directions on the rice package, than add the egg and stir.


In a bowl add 3-4 squeezes of Hot Sauce, 1 tsp of chopped garlic, 1-2 Capsules of Mirin, 3 Tbs of soya.


Now add all of the ingredients to the mushrooms and stir,  I like mine slightly tangy sweet so adjust according to your taste buds.





DRift away body wash

For me January is the month to reboot & recharge my body from the busy year that has ended, and down time is crucial during this period.  I love induldging in a relaxing bubble bath at the end of the day with Drift Away Milk Soak by Life.  It smells divine and leaves your skin silky soft.  For maximum calming effects light a candle, read a book and stay in for at least 20 minutes.





body shop capsules

I recently popped into The Body Shop intending to get my body brush…and came out with these Vitaman C capsules that are absoutlely brilliant! Effective and affordable you cannot go wrong.  I apply it at the end of my PM beauty routine and wake up to revived, smooth and a glowing complexion.





Bracelet Bling

diamond bracelet

Monica Vinader’s jewelery label is inspired by the Spanish designer’s love of gemstones and pearls. From colorful bands, beaded braclets to rose gold bling, there is something  to suit everyones taste in this collection.  I love the Fiji rose gold-plated diamond bracelet its looks fab stacked with other similar styles….and I want them all ;-)




leopard print pants

These leopard print pants by Sandro are the purrrfect closet update this winter.  The loose fitted style make them an easy way to create an effortlessly chic look. Team them up with pointed pumps, a silk blouse and a sleek pulled pack ponytail.





Color Pop Pump


Make any outfit go from drab to fab with these bright blue pumps by Nicholas Kirkwood that are handcrafted from soft suede and finished with a pale-gold heel.   Kirkwood is renowned for his eye catching footwear and these are definitely a staple shoe to any fashionistas wardrobe.