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706034_361581953937957_274019446_o-1Now that winter has really arrived it can be sometimes difficult to be motivated to get to a class or go for that run! For those of you who do not like gyms or are too cold to move- than I recommend her DVD. Winsor Pilates is great and has been around for ages!! You become more flexible with every work out. You will see results fast. With the 20-minute workout, you won’t even work up a sweat, but you will feel completely invigorated and ready to take on the day! Start with this one and work your way up to more advanced levels or target toning one.


Lovely LuLu’s

424806_361221093974043_864943619_nLulu Lemon has been a favorite fitness brand of mine since 2003- they are cool, comfy and cropped. Just the way I like them!  Crops were designed for yoga, Pilates, running, and all other athletic activities. These cropped pants are made with a variety of technical fabrics that wick away sweat. Other key features include reversible wear, and a smooth, wide waistband. Also very flattering because they tuck in the tummy’s and give the bum a nice shape!


Light, Low Cal, and Loaded with Vitamins…

64604_360851160677703_1766772973_nMiso soup is a traditional start to a Japanese meal and it is now become apart of my daily lunch time fix. Not only because it is tasteful and light but did you know there is only 36calories per serving, its high in antioxidants, has a good source of B vitamins, strengthens the immune system, contains all essential amino acids, aids digestion, a natural skin booster……..oh and did I mention its great for hangovers, just double your dosage .