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Pro Tips to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Though the summer has barely started, the temperatures here in New York City have been sweltering the past few days. It’s been great to final feel some warm weather, but the heat had the side effect of leaving my body feeling dehydrated and exhausted.

summer_hydrationRegardless of where you live, you’re likely experiencing a similar shift to higher temperatures. For many, the change between spring and summer is a shock for the body, which suddenly needs more hydration and electrolytes than it does in any other season. It’s all because of sweat. Heat and humidity cause bodies to cool themselves through perspiration, leading to the loss of water, salt, and other minerals key to bodily processes.

While the easiest way to avoid dehydration in the summer is to stay inside a climate-controlled room, that’s no way to enjoy this beautiful season. With so many outdoor activities to enjoy in the warmer months, who doesn’t want to be out enjoying the weather? Luckily, it’s easy (and tasty) to stay hydrated all summer long, whether you’re at the beach, on a hike, or picnicking in the park. The next time you find yourself outside in the hot and humid weather, try some of these tips to keep yourself healthy and hydrated:

Drink enough water, and don’t forget your electrolytes! Replacing the water lost through sweat is key to keeping yourself feeling your best, but be sure to also include electrolytes into the mix. This combination of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium is also lost in sweat, and if not replaced, can cause serious health problems. One solution is to mix sports drinks or electrolyte powders with water, which replaces both liquids and electrolytes in one fell swoop. Coconut water is another great way to replenish your electrolytes, as the drink naturally contains potassium and magnesium.

Eat foods with high water and vitamin content. This is one of the most effective ways to feel hydrated. Foods such as watermelon, cucumbers, bell peppers, strawberries, and grapefruit are all fantastic sources of water, vitamins, and minerals that can help you stay hydrated.

Add chia seeds to your diet. Chia seeds are also a great addition to your diet, as they can absorb up to 30 times their weight in water, creating a gel-like substance. Because it is difficult for the digestive system to break this substance down, it allows the body to absorb the fluid slowly throughout the process, keeping the body at an even level of hydration for a longer period of time. This also helps regulate the level of fluid in the body, only absorbing fluids as the body needs.

Don’t Wait Until You’re Thirsty. Often, you’re already dehydrated by the time you begin to feel thirsty. It’s better to continually sip on water throughout the day instead of drinking a giant glass when you begin to feel thirsty.

What’s your trick to staying hydrated in the summer? Leave your favorite tips in the comments below.

About the author

Ashley Warwa received her training as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program. Her education was equipped with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventive health. Drawing on these skills and her knowledge on different dietary theories, she is working with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.

BW-PHOTO Asholutely Fabulous is an online destination for natural health information, healthy recipes, health products, healthy lifestyle tips, interviews, videos and articles. AshFab will show people that being healthy is ALL about having fun, adding new healthy habits and positive, uplifting energy to your life, NOT about deprivation, rigid structure, or boring meal.. and the results- feeling fab & looking fab.

Ashley Warwa is the soon to be author of Feed Your Self Fabulous and is the founder of Six Months to Sexy which is a one to one health coaching program designed for women, to help them achieve the ultimate health, wellness & beauty. Clients receive a personally tailored diet & manageable steps to help them lose weight, look great and get to optimum health.


My Best Beauty Foods this Spring


Sprouts: Full of enzymes, and easily digestable sources of anti-ageing nutritents.  From broccoli sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, to bean sprouts these all boost nutrient absorption contributing to overall beauty health.

Strawberries: These anti-imflammatory berries increase the anti-oxidant capacity of your blood, defending from stress and signs of ageing as well as boosting collagan production.

Spinach: Is packed of Vitamin A which helps with skin cell-turn over and give you a natural glow.  Also supports cell renewal and repair which is essential for a youthful complexion.

Coconut: Cosumed by eating or drinking this fruit, it is bursitng with beauty benefits. It supports a healthy electrolyte balance which contributes to gorgeous hair, skin and nails.

Asparagus: A powerful anti-oxidant that is full of iron, B, & folate which is important for cell repair.  The more you eat the higher your glutathionen leves increase which can help you feel and look amazing.





Pretty Peel off Polishes


What they say: Little BU® is a water-based, wash-off nail polish that is safe for kids. The trendy shades have been created with a non-toxic formula for girls who like to express their creativity and accessorize with a touch of colour.

What I say: I love these four fresh new shades from Little BU®. The polishes are perfect for lil fashionistas but also great for pregnant women, as they are odourless, non-toxic, not tested on animals and vegan.  After applying 2 coats of the polish ( AVA) and blowdrying for 30 seconds,  I was left with gorgeous bright blue finish.   Once I was ready to try another shade (Georgina), I simply scrubed it off with soap and water and couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was.  These mini polishes make the perfect gift for my nieces and friends with little girls.



Get your Glow on


What they say: The Gradual Tan Face and Body absorbs quickly for an even, perfectly natural-looking glow with no streaks for a year-round radiance.

What I say: OMG I love this stuff!  Its like Bahamas in a bottle! The gradual tan is absolutely fantastic, giving an even tan of good natural colour, my skin was glowing and looked healthier after only a couple of uses.  It glides on easily, smells divine and is super hydrating! Hands down my favourite go-to self tan product. Infused with the miracle broth, which is anti-ageing , you definitely get what you pay for and a little goes a long way.



How to get a healthy glow on your big day…or for that important event


Beautiful, glowing skin is always your best beauty accessory, especially on you’re wedding day.  Every bride wants to have a gorgeous glow walking down the aisle and look healthy and happy.  Good skin starts within; so for at least 8 weeks before your big day, I encourage you to stock up on colourful, whole and plant based foods and exercise to bring out your bridal beauty.

1) Drink 1 Large green juice a day : Packed with beautifying properties, the green blend will make you glow from the inside out.  Try to have a blend consisting of at least 4-5 Green Veg and 1-2 Fruits or Try mine- Bridal Glow: Bridal Glow: Kale, Spinach, Parsley, Celery, Cucumber, Apple, Lemon, 1 Tbs of Spurilina

2)  Stock up on  Salmon, Walnuts, Coconut Oil, Fish Oils, Flax & Chia Seeds’. These seemingly unrelated foods all deliver essential fatty acids, and thus are key foods for healthy skin. Essential fatty acids are responsible for healthy cell membranes, which is not only what act as barriers to harmful things but also as the passageway for nutrients to cross in and out and for waste products to get in and out of the cell.  Because it is the cell membrane that also holds water in, the stronger that barrier is the better your cells can hold moisture. And that means plumper, younger looking skin.

3) Take or Add Chlorella to your smoothies:  This Super food should be names super skin food:  It is amazing for clear and radiant skin, renews cells,  & cleanses/supports the liver and digestion.  Clear gut means clear skin so stock up.

4)  Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate: Drink 8-9 Glasses of water a day.  It keeps skin soft, supple, and smooth.  I also love adding cucumbers or lemons to my water.

5) Book in for a Vitamin C facial 3-5 days before the big day:  Vitamin C is packed with  antioxidants, and your skin will feel and look healthier with a radiant firmer and more luminous complexion.

6) Choose an activity you enjoy: Weather it’s swimming, jogging, walking, biking or fitness classes in cardio or yoga, they will all get your heart rate up making your blood flow and face glow.

7) Exfoliate at least two times per week starting at least two months before you’re wedding day using an oil-based exfoliant. ( I love the Ginger Body Scrub by Orgins)  Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells that will make your tan look natural, even and fresh for the big day.

8) Invest in a good tinted moisturiser like the Illuminating Tint by Laura Mercier; which will make you look  youthful, radiant  and keep skin supple, adding to that incredible bridal glow.

9) Use a creme blush instead of a powder.  I love Nars Illuminator in Orgasm: The light-reflecting liquid glides on to refresh the skin, enhance the complexion and create a shimmering incandescence.

10) Book a spa day 2-3 days before the wedding: it will revitalise, refresh and recharge you for the big and beautiful day!!!







7 Things you didnt know about Spirulina

Blog post thumbnailSpirulina, a single celled cyanobacteria (often mistakenly called a blue-green algae) that grows on the tops of ponds and is otherwise known as pond scum, is quite the superfood. While most people take it solely for detoxification purposes, more and more research is showing that its benefits reach much further than a detox.Whether you’ve been using spirulina for years, or this is the first time you’ve heard of it, it’s a truly fascinating superfood. Not only does it have unique and powerful health benefits, but it also has a long and interesting history, and has been used for a wide range of purpos—some of them pretty surprising!


Here are 7 things I bet you didn’t know about spirulina:

  1. The Most Ancient Food: You may have only recently heard of spirulina, but it is one of the oldest living organisms on the planet, believed to have been here for at least 3.6 billion years. Like a plant, it uses photosynthesis to make energy. As a single-celled organism, it reproduces quickly, making it a very sustainable food source that was used in both Central America and Africa for centuries.
  2. Warrior Fuel: In Mesoamerica, spirulina was made into cakes and consumed daily up until about the 16th century, when many of the lakes were drained for agricultural and urban development. It is believed that the Aztecs gave it to their warriors and runners daily for strength and endurance.
  3. Perfect Smoothie Addition: The concentrated, deep, dark hue of spirulina will turn your morning smoothie into a lean green detox machine, thanks to its high chlorophyll content. You only need ½-1 teaspoon, and when paired with sweet fruit, you can hardly taste it. I like it with pineapple or banana.
  4. Promotes Longevity: The Japanese grow and consume more spirulina than anywhere else in the world, and it looks like they may be onto something. They have the second highest life expectancy rate in the world, with an average lifespan of 82.6 years, compared to 79.8 in the US, which is ranked 35th.
  5. The Solution to Malnutrition? Because spirulina is so nutrient-dense (it’s 60% protein,  and contains all the essential amino acids and nearly ever vitamin and mineral, including B vitamins, vitamins C and A, calcium, magnesium, and iron, just to name a few) and it grows abundantly in Africa, it’s being used as an effective treatment against malnutrition in developing nations.
  6. Perfect Protein: Spirulina is a complete protein, which means it contains all eight essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein in the body. Protein is the building block of our cells, and so it’s crucial for every organ and function. Since essential amino acids are needed for protein synthesis, and our body can’t make them on its own, they must be consumed through the diet (hence the name “essential”). Without all eight of them, protein synthesis breaks down. While most animal foods are complete proteins, only a few plant foods are, like quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and spirulina. So it’s a great, easy add-in for vegetarians and vegans looking for more complete plant proteins.
  7. Natural Anti-Viral: If you go to the doctor for the flu, she’ll likely send you home with doctor’s orders to rest and drink fluids. Since influenza is caused by a virus, it can’t be treated with an antibiotic. That’s why I think that the most exciting aspect of spirulina is its anti-viral capabilities. It has been found to be active against several enveloped viruses including herpes, influenza, and HIV, and it works on two levels: by halting the virus from replicating, and preventing it from invading your cells.

Plus, unlike many other superfoods, whose purported health benefits are based mostly on anecdotal evidence, there is quite a bit of hard research to back up spirulina’s status as an incredibly nutrient-dense and health-giving food.

You can find it in health food stores as a supplement, ether in powdered or tablet form.

Have you tried spirulina? What was your experience with it? Leave a comment below to let us know!

- See more at:


Fresh Flawless Finish


What they say: A multi-tasking formula for creating a gorgeous, flawless complexion.


The Sensual Skin Enhancer was created to mimic the appearance of healthy, radiant skin. It can be used as a spot foundation, concealer, all-over foundation, highlighter (choose a shade lighter than your actual skin tone) or mixed with your moisturiser for a tinted moisturiser effect – the possibilities are endless! Honey and jojoba oil create a soft, dewy finish as well as lend themselves to the formula’s silky texture. It may be applied with the fingers, a brush or a sponge (wet or dry) for any desired finish. Apply over The Sensual Skin Primer for a smooth texture, and top with The Gossamer Loose Powder if you prefer a matte look. No matter how you wear it, The Sensual Skin Enhancer leaves the complexion with a fresh, flawless finish.

What I say: Now this is one product I cannot live without! It is Absolutely Fabulous…  I like to call this my “little pot of magic”- taking me from drab to fab in a mere matter of seconds.  No doubt it is the ultimate concealer…hides blemishes, diminshes fine lines and wrinkles, and evens out the complexion.  A little goes a long way and it will become your favourite product in your make up bag.




The perfect polish

liz earle

I love the Liz Earle cleanse and polish. I am almost finished and definitely will be stocking up on more.  The consistency of the creamy cleanser is luxurious, and it’s effectiveness is incredible. It removes face and eye make without irritating and my skin is super soft and smooth.  “The plant based cleanser has a two-phase action. Phase one is the cleansing. Free from mineral oil, it has a rich and creamy texture and swiftly removes all traces of face and eye make up, even stubborn mascara.  Phase two is the polishing. Polish off the cream using the pure muslin cloth to gently dislodge dead skin cells and help reveal clean, soft and radiant skin.” A staple beauty essential ;-)



Have you tried incorporating tea into your beauty routine?

herbal-teaDid you know that tea can provide the same beauty benefits, if not even better results, than commercial beauty products, without any of the harmful chemicals? From a clear complexion to glistening hair, the results from incorporating tea into your beauty routine are significant. Try adding these 5 powerful teas to your skin- and hair-care routine:

HIBISCUS TEA For Skin: Hibiscus tea is a wonderful all-around anti-aging product. It is rich in anthocyanosides and vitamin C, both of which are powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from UV damage, reduce pore size, increases skin elasticity, and reduce skin inflammation. Hibiscus also contains natural hydroxy acids that help firm, soften, and brighten the skin. Plus, hibiscus is rich in mucilage polysaccharides, which moisturize the skin and form a protective barrier to keep skin healthy. Use a cotton ball to apply the tea on your face, or pour the tea in a spray bottle and spritz onto your skin morning and night after washing and before moisturizing for the best anti-aging results. Leftover tea can be kept in the refrigerator for up to four days. For Hair: The natural hydroxy acids in hibiscus tea reduce dandruff and scalp irritation, and the mucilage polysaccharide content moisturizes hair and reduces tangles. This tea has a strong red-purple hue that can add beautiful red highlights to dark hair–however, be aware that it that can stain blonde or gray hair, so fair-haired ladies should be careful. To reap the benefits of hibiscus, pour a cupful of on your hair after washing and conditioning, and rinse out if you don’t want highlights. If you want reddish highlights, make an extra strong cup of tea by using three or four tea bags per cup of water, then leave the tea in your hair and style as usual. It may take several weeks of consistent use for the highlights to appear. CHAMOMILE TEA For Skin: Chamomile tea is perfect for all skin types. It calms the skin, reduces redness, balances the skin’s oils, has antibacterial properties that reduce acne, and it may reduce the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Apply the tea with a cotton ball or spritz onto your face using a spray bottle after cleaning and before moisturizing morning and night. Leftover tea can be kept in the refrigerator for up to four days. For Hair: Chamomile tea brings out subtle golden blonde highlights in blonde, redand brown hair. To use, make an extra strong tea by using three tea bags per cup of water. Pour a cupful of chamomile tea over your hair after washing and conditioning. Leave the tea in your hair for the best results. It generally takes a few weeks of consistent use to see results. GREEN TEA For Skin: Green tea is a perfect toner for oily skin. It reduces excess oils and helps dissolve blackheads. Another benefit of green tea for all skin types is that it is rich in polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants that can reduce UV damage to the skin. Apply to your skin morning and night if you have oily skin, and in the morning only if you have normal or dry skin. Leftover tea can be kept in the refrigerator for up to four days. For Hair: If you have oily hair, rinse your hair with a cupful of green tea after washing and conditioning to help reduce the oils on your scalp. Rinse the tea out for the best results. You can also do a green tea hair rinse between washings to freshen your hair and reduce scalp oils, without drying out your hair. ROSE TEA For Skin: Rose tea is wonderful for all skin types, and it is gentle enough for those with extremely sensitive skin. It calms and soothes the skin and reduces redness, and is an excellent moisturizer, making the skin feel soft and smooth. Rose tea also has antibacterial properties, which can be helpful for reducing acne and rosacea. For Hair: Rose makes an excellent clarifying and moisturizing hair rinse. It also smells delightful. Pour a cupful of rose tea in your hair after washing and conditioning to moisturize and detangle, to reduce dandruff, and to add shine and bounce to your hair. For best results, do not rinse the tea out of your hair. BLACK TEA For Skin: Black tea is rich in antioxidants and high in caffeine. The antioxidants help prevent UV damage and the caffeine helps reduce redness in the skin and puffiness under the eyes. Use a cotton ball to apply the tea on your face or pour the tea in a spray bottle and spritz your face after cleansing and before moisturizing for a quick pick-me-up that leaves your face feeling and looking refreshed. For Hair: The caffeine in black tea stimulates the scalp, which can reduce hair loss. Black tea also adds a beautiful shine to hair, and its dark pigmentation make it a natural hair dye. To darken your hair with black tea, make an extra strong brew by adding four tea bags to a cup of water. Pour the tea in your hair after washing and conditioning, and let sit for 45 minutes before rinsing out–or don’t rinse at all. It may take several weeks of continued use to see full results. By Integrative Nutrition


Juice Plus


Benefits Juice Plus.jpg.opt308x297o0,0s308x297There is no substitute for eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, at least 7-13 servings every day. But if you’re like most people, you don’t eat enough fruits or vegetables or enough variety. And those fruits and vegetables that we do eat tend to be over processed, over-cooked, or too far removed from the field. That’s why there’s Juice Plus+. It’s a convenient, affordable, and natural whole food based nutritional product providing nutrition from 17 vegetables, fruits, and grains.  Juice Plus+ is not a vitamin supplement, providing a limited number of handpicked nutrients. Juice Plus+ is a whole food based product providing the wide array of nutrients found in a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains. It’s the next best thing to fruits and vegetables…because we don’t get nearly enough of the real thing every day.  I have been taking Juice Plus for several years now, and there is no turning back.  It delivers everything it promises, and I recommend to anyone who wants to optimise their overall beauty,  health and well-being.