1. Extraordinary
2. Amazingly Good. Wonderful.



Prawn and Mango Salad

969594_447878451974973_1192643092_nI tend to go for fresh salads in the spring/summer and homemade soups in the winter…  I love a sweet and savory combo. Prawn and Mango Salad. 2 cups of Spinach, 1 cup of Grilled Prawns (Toss the prawns in a pan with Olive Oil, garlic, Salt & Pepper). ¼ of chopped Mango, 1 chopped red pepper,  1 Chopped/ cubed Avocado, ½ Cucumber. Drizzle with sweet chili sauce, and sprinkle with Sesame seeds,  you can add rice noodles if you fancy some more light carb’s.


Me to a Tee :-)

983673_445612408868244_1238775000_n I have loved dressing up from a very young age, I remember running around the house in my mums heels, drowning in her pearls and looking rediculous in her red lipstick. So when I saw this image I just had to post it…as it really sums me up AshOlutely :-)