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Roasted Red Pepper & Plum Tomato Soup

736521_379061122190040_2058682345_oRoasted Red Pepper and Plum Tomato Soup: This soup is not only delicious and simple to make but also full of Vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. This soup recipe is loaded with beautifying properties- it has a high content of Vitamin C and other antioxidant agents which help to keep your skin looking bright and fresh from the inside out. Grill 2 lb of Plum Tomatoes, 2 Red Peppers, 3 Garlic cloves, 2 Halved Onions and drizzle with Olive oil on a backing tray for 20 minutes on 200C  2)Boil a Pint of Vegetable stock and Tomato puree in a pot for 10 minutes.Place all the ingredients in your Vitamix/ Food Processor. Garnish with some Parmesan and Basil Leaves. For some extra comfort serve with Whole Grain Wheat free Grilled Cheese sandwiches.


Kick Butt Cocktail

69665_378665842229568_2034125135_nMost of you pre or post work out, go for the H20 which is fine….; however I have now swapped my big gulps of water for a bottle of ZICO Coconut Water. Here’s why: Coconut water is packed with a potassium (even more than 1 banana), it supports rapid hydration, and also full of electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus)- these all contribute to optimal performance and replenish and rehydrate before or after your work out, this is also great if you have had the stomach flu and lost a lot of fluid or have had one too many cocktails the night before.


Go green Go

734182_378665458896273_426984_nFor those of you who enjoy green smoothies, I add 1-2 scoops of MEGA GREEN POWDER for an extra boost. Mega Greens contains alkaline forming ingredients to help balance the body’s pH & provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and plant proteins needed for cell support. After the first few days of using this my appetite was suppressed, my energy levels were high, my exercise recovery time was shortened, and my body felt clean from the inside out. I have been using this now since October and will continue too. As it is a powder form, your body absorbs instantly- giving you fast results. 


Sweet Cheeks

424464_378663748896444_1022929170_nThis crème blush by Bobbi Brown is such a treat for your cheeks! It gives you that post – work out glow that makes your skin look healthy, natural, & bright. They come in beautiful, sleek packaging that makes quick touch-ups easy and is available in a massive range of colors! My favorites are Fresh Melon and Powder Pink. If you’re hesitant about which of the ten colours to choose, I suggest you try the pink and coral shades…they’re especially flattering.