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Very Vegan

For me soup, is the quickest and easiest way to stay hydrated and get most of the vitamins and minerals our body needs. It is excellent for anyone trying to lose weight , stay in shape or eat more healthfully . Try and always make/ pick low calorie, broth based soups. I have quite a few favourites I will share over time. VERY VEGAN SOUP: Boil 3 Large carrots, 1/2 Onion. 1 garlic clove, cup of broccoli, 1 cup of spinach, 1 cup of cauliflower, 3 celery stalks, 3 asparagus. 1 peeled potato. Add 1 pint of vegetable stock. Dash of chilli sauce. Salt n Pepper to your mixer. Blend the stock, seasoning and vegetables until smooth. Heat, Eat & Enjoy


Fit & Fab the Fast Way :-)

995241_10151655015086023_538722323_nPilates is one of my favourite ways to help me stay in shape. It gives you a long and lean looking body because of its “Whole Body Workout” concept.  It strengthen’s core muscles, burns fat, tones muscles and boosts your cardiovascular fitness in a short amount of time.  After doing it only for 3 months I noticed how great I felt and looked.  Now 18 months on, I couldnt even imagine not doing it.  I try to mix up the machine and mat a few times a week, as well as daily walks and yoga.


Move your body!

156764_358999630862856_1932560974_nPhysical Activity plays an important role in your health, well-being and quality of life.  Improve your health by being active as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Be active at least 150 minutes a week, get into a routine and move as much as possible.  Find an exercise you love, a new class that sounds fun, or the latest fitness dvd you can do in the comfort of your own home.  Either way there is no exuse not make the time for it- pencil it in and make the time.  I prefer going in the AM to get it done and over with, plus it gives me a great boost for the day, however everyone is different, so find something that you love and your body loves :-)


Party Pout

POUTHow to get the perfect Party Pout:
1st- Scrub on and around the lip area with a face/lip exfoliater ,eg.:Sara Happ, Bliss, Dr. Sebagh ,Bobbi brown)
2nd-Moistrize the lips with an intense lip balm, eg:Terry, Eve Lom, Creme de la mer.)
3rd- Line the lips with a shade lighter than your choice of lipstick.
4- Apply your desired colour generously and evenly: D
Some shades to consider : CHANEL: Rouge Allure Passion,TOM FORD: Slander,M.A.C: Russian Red
YSL: Rouge Rock.